The winners are posted below.
Congratulations to the Great Duck Race Winners for 2024!
1st - $1000Bob Spletzer
2nd - $500Lynnel Flowers
3rd - $250Keith Martus
Other - $25Sharon Burgess
Other - $25Ryan Reif
Other - $25Jill Walker
Other - $25Tiffany Roy
Other - $25Kim Leach
Other - $25Stephen Bender
Other - $25Jamison Zehnder
Other - $25Keith Kelski
Other - $25Jason Wright
Other - $25Brian Irish
Other - $25Lori Crosdale
Other - $25Jenn VonFintel
Other - $25Mike Reinert
Other - $25Josh Waskiewicz
Other - $25Andrew Ahlschwede
Other - $25Mike Reinert
Other - $25Nellie Schefka
Other - $25Jeff Leipprandt
Other - $25Chris Pfau
Other - $25Shannon Meyer
The Great Duck Race takes place each year just below the dam on the beautiful Cass River after the Bavarian Kinder Tag Parade. Hundreds of yellow rubber ducks are placed into the Cass River to flock toward the finish line.  This is a favorite event for local residents and visitors who descend on the downtown area during the Bavarian Festival weekend.
The Great Duck Race is one of the Frankenmuth Morning Rotary Club's largest fundraisers.  All proceeds from the Great Duck Race are used for the Morning Rotary's local and international community projects, scholarships, and donations. Some of these projects include:
Equipment for the Frankenmuth High School science lab, Dictionary/Thesaurus school donation, Annual adoption of families for Christmas, Two $2,000 Scholarships, two $2,000 trade scholarships, Oratorical contest for grades 3-5, Annual school supply drive, Unsung Hero Award, High School Volunteer of the Year, International Water and Sanitation Projects, Ongoing polio eradication efforts.
You must be 18 years old to purchase a ticket.
Please contact Frankenmuth Morning Rotary Club at with questions.
To purchase tickets contact any Morning Rotarian including Karen Zehnder at Rummel Portrait Studios, 130 W. Tuscola, Frankenmuth, MI.  (989) 652-9909.
Congratulations to the Great Duck Race Winners for 2023!
PlaceAward $ Winner Name
Bob Spletzer
Lynnel Flowers
Keith Martus
425 Sharon Burgess
525 Ryan Reif
625 Jill Walker
725 Tiffany Roy
825 Kim Leach
925 Stephen Bender
1025 Jamison Zehnder
1125 Keith Kelski
1225 Jason Wright
1325 Brian Irish
1425 Lori Crosdale
1525 Jenn VonFintel
1625 Mike Reinert
1725 Josh Waskiewicz
1825 Andrew Ahlschwede
1925 Mike Reinert
2025 Nellie Schefka
2125 Jeff Leipprandt
2225 Chris Pfau
2325 Shannon Meyer